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Bibby Line Group is the parent company of businesses in the following sectors: retail, financial services, distribution, shipping, marine based services, and plant/site equipment hire.

Three of our companies employ more than 250 people and are therefore required to report on their gender pay gap. These are: Costcutter Supermarkets Group, Bibby Financial Services and Bibby Distribution.

As these companies operate autonomously, each has prepared its own individual report which are available here:

  • Costcutter Supermarkets Group 

  • Bibby Financial Services  

  •  Bibby Distribution

About the reports

We welcome the introduction of gender pay gap reporting, and recognise the value that an inclusive, diverse and engaged workforce can provide for both employers and employees.

The reporting is a snapshot of each of the three businesses as at 5 April 2017. These reports refer to the gender pay gap, which is a measure of the difference between men's and women's average earnings across an organisation, demonstrated by six statutory calculations, expressed as a percentage of men's earnings in relation to women's.

The gender pay gap is different from equal pay. Equal pay relates to men and women being paid the same amount for the same role, which is a legal requirement in the UK.

Our approach to closing the gender pay gap

For two of our companies the gender pay gap is above the national average of 18%. While the figures are comparable with others in these sectors, we recognise that we must work hard to close the gap.

Each report identifies company and sector specific influences on the gender pay gap, what our businesses are already doing to tackle this, and their action plans.

This is an extremely important issue for Bibby Line Group, and we are committed to supporting our companies as they identify and implement measures to close the gender pay gap and continue to boost diversity across their workforces.

These measures will have the Bibby Values at their core: Do the right thing; Work together; Trust each other; Be better; Be innovative - all to deliver excellent customer service.


What our employees say:

"Working for a Bibby Line Group business makes you feel part of a huge global family."

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