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Bibby Distribution places substantial fleet and Euro VI order (1)
11 December 2013

Bibby Distribution has placed a substantial fleet order with Mercedes-Benz to accommodate growth in its business and to establish the company as pioneers in the introduction of Euro VI vehicles into the UK.

The first Euro VI vehicles will arrive in Bibby Distribution's fleet in January 2014, following the signing of a substantial order for 200 new Mercedes-Benz trucks over the next two years.

This will see Bibby Distribution become one of the first major fleet customers for the new Euro VI Mercedes-Benz Antos, with 22 of the aerodynamic 18 tonne rigids due for delivery in January and February 2014. Each vehicle will be mounted with a Bevan body and tail-lift.

Prior to that, Bibby is taking delivery of 25 New Actros Euro V tractor units which will be in operation in the run-up to Christmas. These vehicles have been specified with a narrow-cab for optimum manoeuvrability and will operate with a mix of standard length double-deck, single deck and short urban trailers.

At least 53 further Mercedes-Benz vehicles will enter the fleet in 2014, plus 100 more in 2015 - each meeting the new Euro VI standard.

Iain Speak, Chief Executive Officer at Bibby Distribution, says that Bibby is keen to embrace the new technology.

"We've already invested a significant amount of money minimising the impact of our operations on the environment," says Speak. "Being amongst the first to introduce a fleet of Euro VI trucks is a natural next-step for our business in early 2014; we see no reason to delay."

Commenting on what is Bibby Distribution's first Mercedes-Benz truck order, Speak adds: "We've consulted closely with other operators already running Mercedes-Benz products and we like what we heard. Our engineering team have made detailed reliability and fuel performance comparisons with our existing vehicles and we're confident the New Antos and New Actros will prove to be strong assets for us."

Mercedes-Benz is the first manufacturer to launch a range of Euro VI compatible truck engines, using a combination of SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) technologies to ensure that the latest generation of vehicles surpasses stringent EU environmental standards. These engines reduce particulate matter (solid or liquid pollutant particles in the air) by 99 per cent and Oxides of Nitrogen (NOX) by 97 per cent.

Also part of Bibby Distribution's latest fleet investment plans are orders for 35 SDC trailers, including 19 tandem-axle 10m urban trailers and 16 tri-axle 13.7m models. It has also ordered 13 new Don-Bur lifting-deck double-deck trailers.

These combined vehicle and trailer orders represent investment by Bibby Distribution of more than £20 million in upgrading its fleet. It maintains Bibby Distribution's commitment to replacing the highest-mileage articulated vehicles after two years in service.


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