How can I get involved?

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How can I get involved?

There are a few ways you can get involved at this early stage, and these will evolve as the initiative evolves:


Let us know what’s important to you

  • What would you like to see us do more of as a Group? What do you think we should be known for?
  • Help us define the vision for each Compass Point area by letting us know what’s important to you
  • This will help the new cross-Group Points Teams to focus their efforts

Ensure our successes are captured

  • Now is the time to feed in your success stories within the four Compass Point areas to your Point of Contact
  • Let us know your stories, awards, testimonials, images and anything that you think will help get your team the recognition they deserve
  • Successes will be passed on to the Points Teams and communicated to a wider audience

Suggest ideas and get involved to deliver them

  • Once the Compass Point team have defined their visions, they’ll work with each business to bring together ideas from across teams
  • At this point you’ll have the chance to suggest your ideas that could be implemented within your team, or across the Group
  • You may also be working on ideas that other teams have suggested