What is the Compass Programme?

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What is the Compass Programme?

As a Group we are all doing amazing things, and we are proud of what we’ve achieved so far, but we want to do even more of the things that make a difference.

Together, guided by our shared values - do the right thing, work together, trust each other, be better and be innovative - we are focusing on four key areas: Environment, Communities, People & Customers.

These are our four Compass Points. As well as shining a light on all the existing work we are doing, together we want to innovate to be even better across our four Points.

Why do it? Because:

  • Together we can have a bigger impact - Working with teams from across the Group, we can share and benefit from others’ skills, ideas and expertise
  • It makes us more sustainable and competitive - The more we improve and innovate in these areas, the better our businesses will become
  • Our current and future colleagues are passionate about it - We are proud to be a responsible business, and we know you want us to do more of the things that matter
  • We passionately believe it’s the right thing to do - In line with our Group Purpose, we always want to do the right thing for our colleagues, customers and community

This isn’t just a one-off project; it will shape every aspect of our business and culture for years to come.