What is the new Compass Programme? … Your ‘Q&A Cheat-sheet’

Bibby Line Group // 26th May 2021

By now, you’ll no doubt know a little bit about our new Group-wide programme through townhalls and updates, but we wanted to pull together all the latest questions and answers so you can start to dive a little deeper and get involved yourself.

 What is the Compass Programme?

As a Group it is more important than ever that we ensure our business activities are truly sustainable. 

This is not just about the environment, but also ensuring that we take care of our colleagues, we develop the communities in which we work and live, and we nurture long lasting partnerships with our customers.

Our stakeholders expect this of us as a responsible business, and it’s the right thing to do.

The Compass Programme will capture and celebrate all of the amazing things we are already doing in these areas. Compass will also, however, allow us to do even more of the things that make a difference.

We will work together across the Group to share great ideas, as well as establish Centres of Excellence – teams of people around the Group who are passionate and knowledgeable about specific opportunities and initiatives, and who can support the whole Group on their journey on further improving its sustainability.

This video is a handy introduction:

Why do it?

Together we can have a bigger impact. Working with teams from across the Group, we can share knowledge, expertise and great ideas. A focused approach helps us future-proof our businesses, making us more resilient, sustainable and competitive.

It will provide us with a clear social purpose, which we know our current and future colleagues want. But most importantly, it’s in our DNA and we passionately believe it’s the right thing to do. 

Who’s involved?

In line with our shared values, everyone has the opportunity to be involved and shape our future.

We have set up a Point team for each area of focus, with our CEOs and at least one senior member of each company on each team. See below for Points teams.

There is also a steering group that includes Alexei Callender, Ian White, Jacqui Barker, Jonathan Andrew, Jonathan Lewis, Nigel Quinn set up to help coordinate action.

Where are we up to?

Colleagues across the Group have now been asked for their input on what they want to see happen and what’s important to them across the four points of the Compass.

The Points Teams are currently digesting this input to create a vision for each area that is aspirational, challenging and relevant, but crucially matches what colleagues want us to stand for as a Group.

What happens next?

Once the Points teams have agreed what their vision is for each area, we will be sharing this with the BLG Board and then communicating this to everyone so it’s clear what direction we are headed as a Group.

The Points teams will then be collating the amazing stories of what we are already doing so well, and making decisions on where we can go further.  They may reach out to you again for your ideas, and you can always email us at BLGComms@bibbylinegroup.co.uk too.

How will it work in the long-term?

This isn’t just a one-off project; it will shape every aspect of our business and culture for many years. 

The teams will continue to ensure we have the latest narrative on what we’re doing as a group to improve our sustainability, sharing ideas across the group, and challenging our businesses to do more. 

We also plan to run events to ensure that colleagues within the business who have gone above and beyond to support our Compass journey are properly celebrated.

 How can I get involved?

Now is the perfect time to feed in your team’s success stories which are linked to one or several of the four areas.

Your team’s work could act as a trailblazer and inspire others, and will help get your colleagues get the recognition they deserve.

Speak to your company point of contact or email BLGComms@bibbylinegroup.co.uk for more information.

How does this link with my own company programmes?

Each company has their own programmes, as does the Group e.g. Giving Something Back. These are important and will still happen.

Rather than restricting local work, Compass will sit above these at a strategic Group level and the Points Teams will make sure the programmes are aligned and highlighted to get the attention and recognition they deserve.

We’ll also be able to share the ideas across teams so they can be leveraged into other businesses, harnessing our power as a Group.

Message from Jonathan Lewis

I am massively keen to ensure that we are known for all the great work we are already doing as a responsible business across the four points of the Compass.  I can also see great opportunities to work in closer collaboration across the Group – allowing us to go further, faster.  I can already see how cross Group dialogue is helping unearth some of these gems that can be implemented on a Group-wide basis and I look forward to sharing more about Compass over the course of this year and beyond.

“The programme is designed to use the power of the Group to support our businesses, challenge them to do more, align to a common vision, but not restrict activity on specific initiatives.  Through this work the Bibby Line Group can be a true leader in sustainability in its broadest sense.

“I truly hope that you take the opportunity to contribute stories of the work that is already being done, challenge us to do more, and get involved in implementing new Compass initiatives as they are developed.

“I am pleased to say that as part of our Community Compass point, we are revitalizing our Giving Something Back programme which I know is something cherished and supported by may of us.  Further information on our annual GSB central event is contained in this issue of Bibby eNews.”






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