Living Our Values

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A diverse and forward-looking family business delivering personal, responsive and flexible customer solutions for over 200 years.

People are the most important part of our business; we deliver on our objectives by living our values. This means each of us, at all times, strive to: 

Work Together

We understand the common long-term goals across our businesses, customers, suppliers and people and we work towards them as a team.

Be Better 

We challenge ourselves to be the best, finding new ways to improve everything we do today.

Be Innovative

We do everything possible to look ahead, to anticipate customer needs and deliver innovative solutions

Do The Right Thing

At all times we do the right thing, providing a quality and safe service, acting responsibly for our people, customers and the communities in which we work

Trust Each Other

We trust and empower our people to deliver the right outcomes for our customers and our business

Living our Values enables us to deliver Excellent Customer Service.

We give our people the right environment, role and tools to deliver excellence and quality in everything we do. 


What our employees say:

"Our values bring us closer together as a business and as individuals we aim to live these values, both at work and in our personal lives".

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