Social Responsibility

Our Colleague Giving

We are passionate about making positive contributions to the communities we operate in. Since 2007, Bibby Line Group and its employees have donated over £10.4million and thousands of volunteering hours to over 1,000 charitable causes as part of our Giving Something Back Programme.

Donations this year


Project Compass - Our Commitment to long-term sustainability

Project Compass focuses our efforts on four areas to foster the long term sustainability of the Group: Environment, Community, People and Customer.

Working across the group, we have set ourselves ambitious sustainability goals, along with a set of 12 trailblazer projects to kickstart activity to help us meet our new group vision of being “A family business known for creating a better future together”. We will periodically report our progress against each of these goals.

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Read Our Project Compass Sustainability Framework

Giving Something Back Programme

Our award-winning Giving Something Back programme supports colleagues across our group to make a positive impact within our communities.

Through matchfunding, payroll giving, central events, volunteering and fundraisers our colleagues support the charities they are passionate about

Our colleagues and their businesses have donated over £10million and thousands of volunteering hours since the programme was set up in 2007.

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Modern Slavery Statement
Gender Pay Gap
Covid-19 Risk Assessment
Health & Safety
Tax Strategy

Modern Slavery Statement

Bibby Line Group is absolutely committed to supporting the  eradication of slavery, as well as the eradication of servitude, forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking.

As a result each of our Companies within the Group publish a Modern Slavery Statement, regardless of whether or not they were required to do so by law.

As a Group, we uphold high levels of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. We are unequivocally committed to operating within the law, with ethical business practices, and being responsible to the communities in which we operate.

Bibby Line Group Head office and its subsidiaries are absolutely committed to combatting modern slavery as the statements below will confirm. We have no reported incidents across the Group in 2020.

Bibby Line Group Modern Slavery Statement

Bibby Financial Services Modern Slavery Statement

Garic Modern Slavery Statement

Bibby Marine Modern Slavery Statement

Gender Pay Gap

Two companies within Bibby Line Group employed more than 250 people on 5 April 2020, and are required to report on their gender pay gap in 2021. They are Bibby Financial Services and Garic.

The government has extended the timeline requirement to report due to the Covid-19 pandemic until October 2021, however, we have decided to publish ahead of this to continue our momentum on closing the gap.  

Each company has prepared its own individual report, available here:

Bibby Financial Services


About the reports

The reporting period is a snapshot of each of the two businesses at 5 April 2020. The reports refer to the gender pay gap, which is the average earning difference between men and women across an organisation, demonstrated by six statutory calculations, expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings in relation to women’s.

The gender pay gap is different from equal pay. Equal pay relates to men and women being paid the same amount for the same role, which is a legal requirement in the UK.

The individual subsidiary reports provide their six statutory calculations with commentary, progress to date and future plans to close the gap.

Our approach to closing the gender pay gap

Supporting inclusion and diversity within our teams and across the Group is a priority for Bibby Line Group, and we are committed to supporting our companies as they identify and implement measures to close the gender pay gap.

As a Group, we continue to recognise the positive impact and value that an inclusive and diverse workforce can have on attraction, engagement, progression and retention of people as well as how this positively impacts our clients, local communities and society as a whole.   

We have taken further steps over the last 12 months to improve inclusion and diversity and have dedicated colleagues whose main focus is to lead cultural change, inclusion and engagement in the group.  Some of our initiatives include transforming recruitment and selection processes and training, recognising key events such as International Women’s Day, listening to the views of our colleagues through our cultural engagement surveys and reviewing our HR policies and procedures through the lens of inclusion and diversity.

Work continues to bridge the gender pay gaps and that includes focussing on our gender split across the group and particularly at senior levels. Ongoing sharing of best practice and learning through forums and community groups enables us to improve inclusion and diversity across all companies in the Group.

Our reports comply with the Government Equalities Office guidelines, however, we are conscious that there has been much debate and discussion regarding gender identification.  We will continue to review our demographic data requests as well as ensure compliance with the Government Equalities Office guidelines.

All steps and measures to close the gender pay gap have the Bibby Values at their core: Do the right thing; Work together; Trust each other; Be better; Be innovative – all to deliver excellent customer service to an inclusive and diverse workforce.

May 2021

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Our approach to Covid-19 risk assessment and controls has Our Values at its core: Do the right thing; Work together; Trust each other; Be better; and Be innovative.

Our commitment to Doing the Right Thing is central to our approach to the current pandemic in order to protect our colleagues and their families, as well as our customers, suppliers and the wider community.

Our offices in Liverpool have been closed since 18 March 2020 with access restricted to essential activities, by prior arrangement, only. Our message to colleagues has been to work at home and plans have been implemented to ensure our colleagues can do so safely.

Over the last few months our Coming Back Stronger team have been implementing plans to ensure that colleagues can return to the office, when safe to do so, liaising with subsidiary companies and the landlord of Walker House.

Our colleagues have been kept informed of our plans, including social distancing measures implemented and we have completed and continue to assess and update our risk assessment as guidance evolves.

Read our Risk Assessment here

Health & Safety

Bibby Line Group is passionate about providing safe working conditions for our employees, and those within the communities we operate. Basically we do everything we can to protect everyone while they are at work and get everyone home safe, every day.

Two examples of how our businesses are leaders in their industries:

  • Bibby Marine recently achieved full certification to the quality, environmental and safety management Standards for the provision of vessel management services, passing on their first attempt.
  • Garic recently received the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Gold award, which accredits best practice for all aspects of safety, efficiency and environmental protection by assessing how fleet operators measure, monitor and improve their performance.


Bibby Line Group is committed to a zero tolerance of bribery and corruption in any form.

This means that the company requires all employee, associated companies, agents, suppliers and other business partners to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in all jurisdictions in which they do business and to operate with the highest standards of integrity.

Failure of employees to comply with this policy may lead to disciplinary action, including dismissal and reporting to the appropriate authorities.

Failure of business partners to comply with this policy may lead to immediate termination of formal and informal agreements with Bibby Line Group and reporting to the appropriate authorities.

Tax Strategy

Bibby Line Group operate a responsible tax policy.

Our Tax strategy sets out the Group’s tax objectives and defines the Group’s approach to tax management across the Group, covering governance, the Group’s approach to tax planning, tax risk management and relationship with local tax authorities.

Bibby Line Group Tax Strategy – year ended 31 December 2021