Our Values

View some highlights from our proud 200 year old story

Our Values

Our Group shared values are the thread that connects our businesses together, helping us to deliver excellent customer service.

This means each of us, at all times, strive to:

  • Work Together – We understand the common long-term goals across our businesses, customers, suppliers and people and we work towards them as a team
  • Be Better – We challenge ourselves to be the best, finding new ways to improve everything we do today
  • Be Innovative – We do everything possible to look ahead, to anticipate customer needs and deliver innovative solutions
  • Do The Right Thing – At all times we do the right thing, providing a quality and safe service, acting responsibly for our people, customers and the communities in which we work
  • Trust Each Other – We trust and empower our people to deliver the right outcomes for our customers and our business

We give our people the right environment, support and tools to deliver excellence and quality in everything we do.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to minimising our environmental impact, creating safe places for our people to work and develop, while supporting our communities, making positive contributions wherever we can.

Social Responsibility
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