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Bibby Line Group Ltd
105 Duke Street
United Kingdom
L1 5JQ


+44 (0) 151 708 8000


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Use of the Bibby name - Beware of Fraud

Occasionally the Bibby name and logo have been misused by people unconnected to Bibby Line Group for fraudulent purposes. 

We take these matters seriously and pass on to the appropriate regulatory and police authorities to investigate.

If you receive any communication that looks suspicious or you feel you may have been a victim of fraud involving the Bibby name or logo, please forward it to:

Currently, we are aware of a website calling themselves "Bibby Line Shipping" which advertises a worldwide vehicle transportation service. This company is not a part of, and has no connection to, the Bibby Line Group. ActionFraud UK is aware of this matter and any relevant information should be passed on to them accordingly.

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At the time when Napoleon was causing havoc in Europe, the Americans ha...

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By 1840 John had become a very wealthy and influential man, o...

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During the 1850's the Bibby business either built or acquired 23 vessel...

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In 1859 Bibby Line's Venetian was the first vessel built by the Belfast...

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In 1880 Arthur Wilson Bibby, now the guiding force in the fortunes of t...

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In 1891 Bibby Steam Ship Co. was established under the manage...

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In 1893 Bibby Line was placed on the approved list for Government offic...

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In 1902 and with Arthur Wilson Bibby at the helm Bibby Line became one ...

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At the outbreak of WWI the Bibby Line ships were requisitioned to serve...

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Now under the leadership of Sir Harold Bibby and at the outbreak of WWI...

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With Sir Derek Bibby now at the helm the company more than trebled...

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Bibby Line started a long association with the LPG sector in 1968 with ...

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In October 1980 came the tragic loss of the oil-bulk-ore carrier Derbys...

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Bibby Line became involved in 'factoring' in 1981.  For the firs...

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In 1985 Sir Derek Bibby employed the non-family member Simon ...

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Manx Ship Management was formed in the Isle of Man, to employ seafare...

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In 1992 the company moved its head office to105 Duke Street, a building...

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In 2000 Michael Bibby became Managing Director of Bibby Line Group, par...

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The offshore business began trading as a division in its own right in 2...

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Bibby Line Group celebrated its Bicentenary in 2007. A year long calend...

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This year also saw the Group continue to diversify with the purchase of...

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Bibby Line Group purchased 100% of Costcutter and established the Bib...

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Our Costcutter business form a strategic partnership with Palmer & ...

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After 30 years with the Group - 15 years as Chairman and previously a...

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Bibby Line Group's strength and success lies in its diversity. A glob...

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