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Project Compass: Customer

Creating strong, long-lasting partnerships with our customers is vital to our success. Without customers, we don’t have a business. In these times of rapid change, no force is more grounding and stabilising than a positive customer relationship.The services that we provide to our customers are mission critical and we have always enjoyed close partnerships
with our customers. 

Our Customer Vision

“We continually work to be our customers’ partner of choice and support them to thrive

Our Customer Goal

“Leading NPS customer satisfaction score of >60 by 2024”


2022 Customer Highlights

(correct as of June 2022)


Our Trailblazer areas of initial focus

1. Customer Satisfaction scores

Recording customer satisfaction scores and setting stretching targets for improvement helps us to gauge the quality of our service, identify areas for improvement, strengthen our customer relationships and ultimately grow revenue. That’s why we’re further embedding a clear Net Promotor Score methodology across our businesses and setting the goal of having leading customer service scores.


2. Customer Councils

True customer partnerships require close attention to their needs so we can listen, communicate and act better. We’re hosting ongoing customer councils within each business that seek input from our customers on the challenges that face them, how they work with us and  provides a forum for testing potential solutions. This helps us understand our customers in a meaningful way so that we are able to respond to their changing needs, and be their partner of choice.


3. Customer Charters

We’re proud of the high quality service we provide to our customers. We are agreeing these high expectations and standards clearly with our customers, colleagues and other stakeholders to ensure we always deliver quality customer service. To commit to this each of our businesses will publish a customer charter that recognises the needs and commits to add value to each customer.


Colleague story: How the launch of customer councils within Garic is already helping to improve customer satisfaction

Get Involved!

There are a few ways you can get involved and help contribute to our Customer Vision and Goal:

Share your success story

If you’ve done something innovative to improve customer service or delight customers, no matter how small, share your story or best practice to inspire others. Click below to share your story.

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Suggest an idea

If you have an idea, or improved way of working that you think would benefit the customer experience, please let us know your idea. Click below to share your idea.

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Join a project

If you are passionate about customer service and would like to be considered to join one of the customer trailblazer projects, please let us know at the link below.

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The Four Compass Points

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