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Project Compass: People

We aim to be an employer of choice that attracts and keeps the most talented people. We do this by creating safe, healthy and inclusive workplaces where everyone is treated with respect and has equal opportunities to succeed.

Our People Vision

”We keep our colleagues safe at work and celebrate, respect and value them for who they are and what they do”

Our People Goal

“Colleague engagement score in top quartile of surveyed companies by 2024”


2022 People Highlights

(correct as of June 2022)


Our Trailblazer areas of initial focus

1. Health and Wellbeing

We all want to be healthy, happy and safe at work. That’s why we’re focusing on creating a workplace where people feel they have a healthy working environment. One which supports physical, mental and financial health, provides a sense of purpose and social wellbeing, and encourages a healthy work life balance. By working together, aligning plans, best practice, policies and activities we can do more positive things to support wellbeing and promote a healthier, inclusive culture for all.

2. Active Inclusion

We are developing a group-wide approach to active inclusion that will help us share best practice, review our policies together and extend our inclusion and diversity networks, creating an environment where people feel comfortable at work and able to realise their full potential.


3. Learning and Development

Our colleagues are our greatest asset, and our aim is to create an environment where people feel empowered to grow and develop throughout their career and are supported in their learning by leaders and colleagues.

Colleague story: How cross-group collaboration opened up online training and development platform to colleagues

Get Involved!

There are a few ways you can get involved and help contribute to our People Vision and Goal:

Share your success story

If you’ve done something innovative within your workplace to improve health and wellbeing, celebrate diversity or develop colleague skills, share your story or best practice to inspire others.

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Suggest an idea

If you have an idea, or improved way of working that you think would could help in any of the people areas above, please let us know your idea. Click below to share your idea.

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Join a project

If you are passionate about supporting your colleagues to be happy and reach their full potential, there are various groups you could join. Reach out to your Point Lead using the link below.

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The Four Compass Points

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