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Project Compass: Environment

We recognise that the world must reach net-zero within the next 30 years to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Reducing our CO2 and greenhouse emissions is a business imperative. Together we are taking positive action including switching to 100% renewable energy use, decarbonising our assets and reducing single use plastic.

Our Environment Vision

”We are committed to being an increasingly sustainable business, minimising our environmental impact and influencing positive change”

Our Environment Goal

“Net zero total carbon emissions by 2040″


2022 Environment Highlights

(correct as of June 2022)


Our Trailblazer areas of initial focus

1. 100% Renewable Energy Use

Switching to 100% renewable energy reduces our impact on the environment, helps us to become a more sustainable business and influences positive change​. That’s why our our plan is for each business within our group to only use energy that is from renewable sources e.g. wind, solar and biomass, ensuring we do our bit as a responsible business to help protect the planet.


2. Decarbonising our Assets

We are reducing our CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions across our group to reduce our impact on the environment. This includes our own emissions, those of our energy suppliers, those of our supply chain, and those of our assets, even when being used and refuelled by our customers.


3. Single Use Plastic Reduction

300 million tons of plastic are produced globally each year, half of which is for single-use items. Reducing Single Use Plastics (SUPs) reduces our impact on the environment, helps us to become a more sustainable business and influences positive change. That’s why each business is reducing the amount of SUPs we use in our workplaces, sharing ideas, plans, tools and knowledge across the group.


Colleague Stories: Bibby Marine makes three small changes that add up to make a big difference

Get Involved!

There are a few ways you can get involved and help contribute to our Environment Vision and Goal:

Share your success story

If you’ve done something innovative within your workplace to reduce plastic use or limit your impact on the environment, no matter how small, share your story or best practice to inspire others.

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Suggest an idea

If you have an idea, or improved way of working that you think would could help reduce our impact on the environment and benefit other offices, please let us know your idea.

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Join a project

If you are passionate about the environment and would like to be considered to join one of the environmental trailblazer projects, please let us know using the link below.

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The Four Compass Points

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