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Project Compass: Environment

“We live in a world shaped by monumental change. Due to rapid industrialisation, the Earth today suffers from climate changes, water shortage and resource depletions.

The topic of sustainability, and how we leave our planet for future generations, is therefore becoming increasingly important. That’s a good thing! As CEO of Bibby Marine, and leader of our Environment Point team, I’m passionate about doing everything we can to be a responsible group, make responsive decisions and put in place strategies to protect the communities in which we live.

From speaking with many of you, I know you are equally as passionate.

The benefits of doing more to protect our planet are huge – it drives efficiency, it’s a point of differentiation from our competitors, and most importantly it’s the right thing to do to for our customers, communities, colleagues and planet.

There are already some fantastic exiting strategic projects including our ground-breaking WaveMaster Zero C project and Garic’s award-winning eco-range, designed to minimise our impact on the environment, while also saving ourselves and our customers money.

I also know there are some equally impressive, colleague-led projects where individuals have taken the initiative, and made a difference where they can. Every little helps!

As a group, I know we can work together to do even more. And I feel privileged to be leading this team to make it happen. Initially we’ll be focusing on implementing 1) 100% Renewable Energy Use​, 2) Decarbonising Our Assets and, 3) Single Use Plastic Reduction​.

Take a look below for more information on how we are navigating our journey to become an increasingly sustainable business, minimising our environmental impact and influencing positive change, including ways you can get involved and share your ideas and stories.

Nigel Quinn, CEO of Bibby Marine and Environmental Point Lead

Our Environment Vision

”We are committed to being an increasingly sustainable business, minimising our environmental impact and influencing positive change”

Our Environment Goal

“Net zero total carbon emissions by 2040″


Our Trailblazer areas of initial focus

1. 100% Renewable Energy Use

Switching to 100% renewable energy reduces our impact on the environment, helps us to become a more sustainable business and influences positive change​. That’s why our plan is for each business within our group to only use energy that is from renewable sources e.g. wind, solar and biomass, ensuring we do our bit as a responsible business to help protect the planet.


2. Decarbonising our Assets

Reducing our CO2 and Green House Gas emissions helps reduce our impact on the environment and become a more sustainable business. It also helps us influence positive change, as we become market leaders, demonstrating our innovative green credentials. We’ll be putting in action plans in place in each business to take steps to reduce its carbon intensity created by its assets, sharing plans, best practice, tools and knowledge.


3. Single Use Plastic Reduction

300 million tons of plastic are produced globally each year, half of which is for single-use items. Reducing single use plastic reduces our impact on the environment, helps us to become a more sustainable business and influences positive change. That’s why each business will put plans in place and take action to reduce the amount of single use plastic we use in our workplaces​, sharing ideas, plans, tools and knowledge.


Case Study: Bibby Marine makes three small changes that add up to make a big difference

Our colleagues at Bibby Marine, demonstrated their innovative approach to reducing their impact on the environment and customer service, by putting plans in place on their WaveMaster Horizon vessel which is currently working on a long-term charter for Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) .

Mark Whitehead, BML Commercial Manager:

“To coincide with our ambitious Zero C projects which will drastically reduce our impact on the environment in the future, we wanted to do something that could have a direct impact now.

“After some discussion involving all colleagues, we identified three small changes we could make that added up to make a big difference.”

“The first change was the reduction of single use plastics onboard. After close consultation with the crew, bottled water on our WaveMaster vessels have now been replaced with easy-to-use water fountains which supply still and sparkling water, with everyone supplied with reusable bottles.

“Not only are we reducing the amount of plastic waste but we have calculated this can save 2.3 tonnes of CO2 per year, that’s the equivalent of traveling from Liverpool to Emden Germany (where the home port for the project is) and back in a Diesel VW Golf 21 times.

“Our second change was a simpler one, we’ve affectionately called ‘No Moo Mondays’. We understand that beef has a far greater impact (across a number of areas) than other common food sources and to reduce this burden Bibby Marine are no longer serving any beef products on Mondays.

“Our third change was introducing LED lighting. We wanted to swap out as many Halogen lights at the end of life for more energy efficient LED lights with each Halogen light swap the amount of energy saved per hour, enough to make the entire crew onboard a large cup of tea. 

“The changes also benefit our customer as they have their own sustainability targets. These short projects highlight not only our commitment to ensure our customers are getting the best possible service from us, but also that we are ensuring we are honouring our commitment to be a sustainable business, minimising our environmental impact and influencing positive change.”

Get Involved!

There are a few ways you can get involved and help contribute to our Environment Vision and Goal:

Share your success story

If you’ve done something innovative within your workplace to reduce plastic use or limit your impact on the environment, no matter how small, share your story or best practice to inspire others.

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Suggest an idea

If you have an idea, or improved way of working that you think would could help reduce our impact on the environment and benefit other offices, please let us know your idea.

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Join a project

If you are passionate about the environment and would like to be considered to join one of the environmental trailblazer projects, please let us know using the link below.

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